Windows 7: Activating Windows 7 with VPN (Off-Campus)

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Important Licensing Information:

Activating Windows using the Enterprise Server method will require you to connect to the license server every 180-days.  If installing on a computer that will not come to campus, or if using the VPN is cumbersome, use an alternative activation method: 

* If you are a student, please refer to  On The Hub (Students)  to find information on how to receive a personal key to ensure a simple, one-time activation of your Windows 7 license.

Activate Windows 7 with VPN (Off-Campus):

1. Connect to the LSU Network via VPN. 

**Need to know how to use the VPN?  View: VPN at LSU: Overview.

Login screen

2. Upon connecting to the LSU Network, click Start, right-click Computer, select Properties.

Properties option

3. Click Activate Windows Now.

Windows activation

4. Windows 7 should automatically activate from the Enterprise Server after about 15 minutes. 

**Not activating automatically?  View Windows Enterprise: Activation Troubleshooting.

Activation tab

**NOTE: If this process fails, see Windows 7 MAK to KMS.**

5. Windows 7 will now be activated.

Activation was successful tab

NOTE:  The installation, through the LSU on-campus activation server, will be good for 180 days. Users will be required to connect via VPN to continue Windows 7 usage.


Referenced from: Microsoft

3/21/2018 12:24:13 PM