myProxy: Securely Sharing the Secret PIN

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General Information

The myProxy application gives LSU Students the ability to grant access to certain applications to specified other people.  This will allow you to designate someone & grant them the ability to login and act on your behalf.  Login As Me.

This process beings with the student granting access to specific applications to specific others AND issuing them a secret PIN so they can log in to myProxy.

Securely Manage your PIN

To give out this pin number in a secure manner, we suggest that you give out this pin over the phone or in person.

**DO NOT E-mail The PIN!!  Give the PIN over the phone or in person ONLY.**

Why?  If you send a myProxy invitation to the wrong e-mail address, that person still cannot access your account without the secret PIN.  If you e-mailed the PIN, they would be able to access your account. Please take precaution when giving our your secret PIN.

7/20/2020 1:12:08 PM