Windows 7: Installation Instructions

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Install Windows 7

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you perform a FULL BACKUP of your data BEFORE you begin Installing Windows 7 or Upgrading to Windows 7.

1. Download Windows 7.

  • Download information can be found in the Windows 7 LSU Overview.
  • Click the section Downloads & Installation Instructions.

2. Select the Language, Time, Currency Format & Input Method.

3. At the bottom of the screen, click Next.

windows 7 installation window

4. Click Install now.

the install now button

5. Click the checkbox to Accept the License Terms and click Next at the bottom of the screen.

accepting license agreement window with next highlighted at the bottom of the screen.

6. Click Custom (advanced) which will install a New a copy of Windows.

custom advanced option to install brand new windows.

7. Select the disk that you would like to install Windows 7 on & click Next.

desired location of windows installation window with next highlighted at the bottom left corner of the screen

8. The Windows 7 installation will begin.

starting windows icon installation

9. You will have the opportunity to set up Windows 7.

set up windows window

10. Select "Use recommended settings."  (RECOMMENDED)

11. Click Next.

Use recommended settings option

12. When you see the Welcome logo, you have successfully installed Windows 7.

welcome to windows 7

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