Mathematica 7: Installation Instructions for Students


To install the Mathematica software that is available on TigerWare, follow these steps:

1. Click either link on the Mathematica TigerWare page.

NOTE: Select the .iso file if you are burning the installation to a DVD. Otherwise, use the .exe file.

Tigerware download

2. Select the Destination Location.

Destination location

3. Keep all components selected.

Selected components

4. Say where the program shortcut will be.

5. Click Enter Password then fill in the Name, Organization, and License Number fields

NOTE: The License Number expires every year and can be found on the TigerWare page.

Single computer install

6. On the next page, click Web.

Web button

7. Click Register and generate a password.

Register tab

8. Select product.

Product selection

9. Fill in User Information.

User information

10. Password is sent via E-mail.

NOTE: The  password is the long set of characters found after the License code in the email. Go back and fill in password field and Mathematica will open.

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