UNI Online Work Order Submission

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Online Work Order Submission

The University Networking & Infrastructure Department at ITS offers online Work Order Submission & Tracking System available to LSU Faculty & Staff.  

The purpose of this article is to guide customers through the process.  The following items are covered:   (Click to skip down to that topic.)

Log in to the Work Order System

1. Open a Web Browser.

2. Browse to the following MySoft Site:    

3. Log in with your MyLSU Credentials:

  • MyLSU Account ID: LSU Overview
  • For the User Name:
    • Enter your @lsu.edu Email Address (mtiger1@lsu.edu)
    • OR  Enter your [MyLSU Account ID] (mtiger)
  • For the Password:  
    • Enter your MyLSU Account Password

UNI Login Screen with username and password

4. The Menu is located on the left-hand of the display and the Options available include:

  • Self Service Work Order
  • Log Out 

ITS Work Order Submission page with the menu on the left of the screen
        The initial screen will contain General Instructional Information along with any current news we think will benefit you.     

5. Select Self Service Work Order:

Enter a NEW Work Order

This process will walk you through Beginning & Submitting a new work order into MySoft.

1. Click Add New... at the bottom left of the screen to create a new order.

Self Service window with the Work Order List

 Add a Work Order window with different options such as work order type, and others.

2. Fill in the Work Order Information:

  • Work Order Nbr:   This is an auto-generated field that is read-only.
  • Request date of Completion:   Select the date you would like this order to be completed.  Please note that this does not guarantee that the order will be completed by this date.  You can only input a date in the future.
  • Work Order Type:   Select the type of service you are requesting.  Here is a brief description of the available choices:
    • ITSEC –  IT Security.
    • LSUPD –  2-Way Radios.
    • MIXED –  Data & Voice. Use this type to request new voice and data services simultaneously. This request may require additional hardware and wiring.
    • NASA –  Network Application & Systems Architecture.
    • NEA –   Network Engineering and Architecture.  Use this type for network upgrades, IPv4/IPv6 network design specifications, wireless network estimates and additions, VPN requests, network virtualization/SDN research, and grant partnership inquiries.
    • NIBS –  Business.
    • NICEL –  Cellular Communications. Use this type to request new, replacement or plan changes for cellular phones and monthly plans.
    • NICS –  MySoft Customer Service.
    • NIDC –  Data Center. Use this type to add/remove/move equipment to the Data Center, or request power, cooling, fiber or copper connections to a rack.
    • NIDI –  Data/Network Connectivity. Use this type to request activation or deactivation of existing network ports, ONLY where wiring exists.
    • NIDI Install –  Data Installation.
    • NIDI Plan Review –  
    • NINF –  Network Facilities. Use this type to request new fiber circuits, fiber cable, telephone cable and any other "outside plant" cable needs.
    • NIPG –  Pagers. Use this type to request new pager services. 
    • NISE –  Software Engineering. Use this type to request access, changes to configurations or new configurations in IPControl (IPAD), DHCP, DNS, Network monitoring system (NMS) and network graphing.
    • NITV –  Cable Television. Use this type to request new or changes to existing cable television services.
    • NIVC –  Voice. Use this type to request telephone services including phone line adds, moves and changes ONLY where wiring exists. Also use this type for voicemail or modular messaging adds, moves or changes including mailbox passwords.
    • Purchase Stock Item –  

  • Description of Work to be Done:  Explain in detail what is needed for this Work Order.
  • Client Attachment:  You may attach a file to this Work Order to help further explain details that may help our analysts.
  • Contact Info From User:  The Contact is the user we will refer to for information and work to be done on this Work Order.  The Contact may be the actual customer or it may be just a person who has been assigned the task of procuring the Work Order Item Request.
  • User Information List:  This screen is used to select a Work Order Contact.  You may search for users by: User ID (MyLSU ID); Directory Number; OR Name.  Once you have found the user, double-click the entry to return to the Work Order submission screen.
  • Contact Name, Phone, Email:  These fields will be auto filled when you select the contact info from the user table.

View the Progress of an EXISTING Work Order

You can search for a Work Order by any of the following Fields:
  • Login ID  OR
  • Completed Date  OR
  • Work Order Number  OR
  • Work Order Type  OR
  • Department

View Details on an EXISTING Work Order:

  • Double-click on the Existing Order found by your search criteria.

G/L Tab

  • One-Time Debit Source: Input the budget code for the one time charge of this Work Order.  It must be a 9 digit code and can not end in "89".
  • Monthly Debit Source: Input the recurring charge if appropriate for this Work Order.  It must be a 9 digit code and can not end in "89".
Debit G L window with one time debit source and monthly debit source as inputs

Order Status Tab

(NOTE:  This is a read-only tab with information about this Work Order.)

  • Status:  Current Status of this Work Order.
  • Date Received:  Date you Entered the Work Order.
  • Date Completed:  Date the Work Order was Closed.
  • Open Items:  Total Number of Open Work Order Items.
  • Closed Items:  Total Number of Closed Work Order Items.
  • Canceled Items:  Total Number of Canceled Work Order Items.
  • Total Items:  Total of All Work Order Items, Regardless of Status.
an example of the Order Status window with pending as the current status .


  • Print:  Allows you to Print the details of this Work Order for your own viewing pleasure.
  • Copy WO:  You can fill out the details of an order and then press this button to copy all contents to a new Work Order.  This is convenient when you have multiple orders to submit with only small changes in the detail, such as contact information.
  • Exit:  Exit this Work Order without saving.
  • Submit:  Submit this order to our Work Order queue.  You will receive an email confirming that the submission was successful.  Once you submit, you will not be able to change any fields.  If you find a mistake, please contact the Help Desk (578-3375) to either have the ticket canceled or have a field changed.  After an analyst makes contact with you, you make also ask them to change details to the order.
  • WO Items:  Only available after you submit the Work Order.  This allows you to follow the progress of the analyst working on your order.  The Work Order will be updated as progress is made.

Self-Service Work Order Items List

  • This screen lists the Work Order items added by the analyst working this order.  Double-click on an item to view details of this item.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Once the Work Order is Completed & Closed, you will be sent a follow-up email indicating that order is now closed.  You will also be asked to return to the order to complete a customer satisfaction survey (ONLY ONE Question).
  • This is completely voluntary and will greatly help us continue to improve on our customer service approval.

Customer Satisfaction Survey with rating and comments.


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