LSU HRS: Creating an Account

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Login to HRS

1. Login to the myLSU Portal with your PAWS ID and password.

screenshot of myLSU login

2. Click Financial Services | HRS.  This can be found on the left, sidebar on the myLSU portal.

screenshot of HRS highlighted in myLSU Portal

3. The Directory Search box will display.

screenshot of directory search box

4. Click on Personnel Action | Appoint Employee.

5. Enter the SSN of the person, click Search.

screenshot of Enter SSN, Click Search.  Search highlighted.

If the SSN IS found in the Directory & no PAWS ID is found--

1. A screen will display with the 89# populated. 

2. Compare this to the information you have at hand.  If correct, click Continue to Appoint (QuickStart).

screenshot of found id with continue to... highlighted

3. Re-enter the Social Security Number for confirmation.

screenshot of hrs reentry

screenshot of HRS 2 in myLSU Portal with request paws id highlighted


If the SSN is NOT found in the Directory--

1. A New Person Information screen will display, prompting you to enter more information. Note: Specify the person's name EXACTLY as it appears on their Social Security Card.  (Be sure to correctly capitalize the person's name.)

2. Enter your Requested PAWS ID.

3. Select which mailbox is needed: LSU e-mail box or Forwarding Only.

4. Click Submit.

screenshot of HRS: New Person Request with submit highlighted

screenshot of HRS, In the directory, with confirm highlighted



Who may use LSU HRS?

Use of LSU HRS is limited to those individuals who are authorized to access the application.  Currently, these are employees categorized as a departmental HR Contact (Human Resources Contact).  Those employees will find LSU HRS under Financial Services in the myLSU Portal.

Who do I contact with LSU HRS questions?

The Office of Human Resource Management may be able to assist with questions related to adding new faculty and staff members via LSU HRS.  HRS representatives can be reached at 578-8200.

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