Adobe Acrobat Professional 8: Password Protection


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As with most other file types, PDFs support a wide range of security protocols. One option the user has when securing his document is to create a password that will be necessary to view the file.

To password-protect a PDF in Acrobat Professional 8, open a document:

1. Click Secure on the main toolbar, and then scroll down to Password Encrypt.

screenshot of step 1

2. Click to fill the check box next to Require a password to open the document.

3. Type a password in the Document Open Password field, and then click OK.

screenshot of step 3

4. Re-enter the password, and then select OK again.

screenshot of step 4

5. Acrobat will notify the user that the password will not take effect until the document is saved. Then click Yes.

6. Select Save when finished to save the PDF.


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