Mozilla Thunderbird: Create a New User Profile

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General Information

Mozilla Thunderbird features a profile manager application that allows the user to create, modify, and delete e-mail profiles. The application is similar to Windows's various wizards, and should be easy to use for those familiar with PCs.

Create a New Profile

(Make sure Thunderbird is closed before continuing.)

1. Click Start from the taskbar at the bottom of your desktop.

2. Type thunderbird.exe -ProfileManager in the Search or Run box, and then press Enter.

screenshot of the search or run box.

3. A dialog box should appear. Click Create Profile.

NOTE:  UNCHECK  the box next to, Don't ask at startup.  This will prompt you to indicate which Thunderbird User Profile to open when you open Thunderbird.

screenshot of choose user profile dialog box - create profile command.

4. Click Next, and then type a name for the profile in the provided field.

screenshot of the create profile wizard dialog box  - next button.

5. If the default file path is unsatisfactory, click choose folder to designate a new path, and click Finish.

6. The profile manager window will reappear with the new profile in the list. To automatically log in using the new profile whenever Thunderbird is launched, fill the Don't ask at startup check box.

screenshot of choose user profile dialog box  - don't ask startup command.

7. Click Start Thunderbird to launch the program using the new profile.


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