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Microsoft Word 2007: Shrink To Fit Feature


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Microsoft Word 2007 offers a useful feature, called Shrink To Fit, that allows you to automatically shrink the font and spacing settings in your document by just a small amount whenever that last page of your document only has a couple of lines of text on it. This keeps you from having the last sentence of your paper all by itself on a separate page in your document.

Note: Be careful when you use the Shrink To Fit feature. It fits your document onto one less page than it formerly occupied by shrinking the whole document's font and spacing settings. If you aren't careful it can shrink your document too much. Make sure your document is still readable after shrinking.

To Use Shrink To Fit:

1. Select the Microsoft Office Button and then go to Print | Print Preview.

screenshot of step 1

2. On the Print Preview tab, click Shrink One Page located in the Preview Section.

Note: To change your document back, just click "undo" (Ctrl + z).



6/29/2012 12:27:47 AM

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