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A quick way to boost a computer's performance is to reduce the number of applications it runs when starting up. Some programs, such as anti-virus and hardware utilities, need to be run automatically, but an overabundance of startup applications can overwork a computer and use up too much memory.   The easiest way to keep programs from running automatically is to remove them from the computer's Startup folder.

Add Programs to Startup

1. Copy a shortcut to the Program that you want to launch at Startup.

2. Paste the program's shortcut into the follow folder:

C:\ Documents and Settings\ All Users\ Start Menu\ Programs\ Startup

Remove Programs from Startup

1. Double-click My Computer from the desktop. (or click Start | My Computer)

2. Double-click the hard drive (default C:\).

3. Open the Documents and Settings folder.

4. Open a specific user account folder, or select All Users.

5. Double-click the Start Menu folder.

6. Click Programs.

7. Double-click on the Startup folder.

8. Delete* any Program shortcuts from this folder that you do not want to launch at Startup.

Note:  When a shortcut to a program is added to the Startup folder, that program will launch automatically when the computer starts up. By adding and removing shortcuts from this folder, you can control what launches automatically.  

*Deleting a shortcut from the Startup folder will NOT UNINSTALL the program.

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