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Microsoft Word 2007: Resume Templates


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It's safe to say that almost every job you apply for is going to require a resume. Microsoft Word has made this painful process much easier by offering already made templates of many different resumes.

Resume Templates:

1. Begin by opening Microsoft Word 2007. Next, select  the Microsoft Office Button.

2. Select New from the list of options.

Office Button Icon

3. Next, you will see a list of options under the section entitled Templates, which is located on the left side of the screen. You should scroll down the list and select Resumes and CVs.

Templates icon
Resumes and CVs tab

4. Now, you will see a list of the types of resumes you can choose. Pick the appropriate type.

resumes and cvs pic

Basic: There are many different templates to choose from, be it Traditional, Modern, Blue Line Design, etc. Scroll through and click on the one that best fits the task at hand.

Job Specific: Here are different resumes for different jobs. They have templates for many different professions, from Carpenter to Registered Nurse to Helicopter Pilot. If you want a resume for a specific job choose this option.

Situation Specific: This is a list of different resumes for different situations. They have templates for High School Grads, College Grads, Return to Work Force, Executive, and many others.

5. You should now choose the appropriate Template that you want.

Resume Template

6. You will be asked to enter specific information within the boxes. This will be the information that builds your resume.

Resume Template     Resume Template

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