Windows XP: Disabling Third-Party Wireless Mangers

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Disabling Third-Party Wireless Managers 

General Information:

Some third-party wireless managers that have been configured to act as the default wireless manager to many Windows Machines could be a problem depending on the type of data network you are trying to connect to.

To enable Windows to manage your wireless adapters the third party applications need to be disabled and Wireless Zero Configuration enabled. More information about how to configure Zero Configuration can be found by clicking HERE.

To Disable Third-Party Wireless Managers:

1. Right click on My Computer in either the Start Menu or on the desktop and select Manage from the list.

screenshot of the my computer manage

2. Click on Services and Applications from the list located in the left-hand toolbar.

screenshot of the my computer manage

3. Double click Services from the list provided.

screenshot of the services and applications header

4. Locate the third-party wireless manager from the list. Typically the name will vary depending on the manufacturer. For Example, Dell's custom wireless manager will be different from Toshiba's. If you can't spot the wireless manager, sometimes it can be listed by the name of the wireless card manufacturer. For example, Intel PROSet/Wireless.

Once the wireless manager has been located, double click the title.

screenshot of the services_indexing service menu

5. A window should then appear giving users the option to manually stop the third-party manager. To disable the manager, locate the drop down menu and select Disabled. Once Disabled has been selected, click the Stop button. The updates should then be disabled. Click Apply and then OK to close the menu.

screenshot of the Intel(R) Wireless Service Properties menu


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