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The following is an overview of a Mozilla Firefox-exclusive feature, the download manager.

To Access the Download Manager:

1. Press CTRL + J on the keyboard, or you can select Downloads from the Tools drop-down menu on the Mozilla Firefox taskbar.

Screenshot of the downloand command on the tools dropdown

2. The download manager allows you to browse current and finished downloads.

Screenshot of download manager screen.

3. You can also observe files as they are downloading onto your computer. The download manager will display the name and speed of the current download, along with the download time remaining.

NOTE: The download manager also gives you the option to pause or cancel any current downloads. When a download is complete, you can select Clean Up to remove all finished downloads from the download manager listing.

4. The download manager also allows you to observe the location that files are sent to when downloaded onto your computer. By selecting the folder icon following the text: "All files downloaded to:," the download manager will open the folder. In the default case, the Desktop folder will open.

To Change the Default Folder for Files Downloaded from the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser:

1. Open Options from the Tools drop-down menu on the Mozilla Firefox taskbar. Here you can customize the download manager options.

2. Select Browse to change the folder from Desktop to a different location.

Screenshot of firefox options window

NOTE: If you download many files, you may want to look into a more advanced download manager, such as Download Statusbar, a Mozilla Firefox extension found HERE.

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