iPhone 4S: Create, Remove, or Use Speed Dial Contacts


To Use Speed Dial Contacts on an iPhone:

1. Starting at the Home screen, touch Phone.

Phone application icon highlighted on the iPhone homescreen.

2. Touch Favorites.

Favorites icon in the bottom lefthand side corner of the phone application screen.

3.Touch the "+" Button to add a new favorite contact.

NOTE: To delete or edit a "favorited" contact you must touch Edit.

Add button in the top righthand corner of the favorites tab of the phone application.

4. Choose the desired contact.

NOTE: If the contact has one  or more numbers, choose the one you'd like to be one of your favorites.

5. Choose the type of favorite you'd like.

Add to favorites option window where you choose what form of contact you wish to add to favorites. Contact option may include: home number, cell number, facetime, facetime audio

Referenced from: ATT.com

3/22/2017 3:04:51 PM