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Overview Article

TigerMail Change. Announcement of Switch to LSUMail.

General Information

TigerMail (@tigers.lsu.edu) will be phased out starting during the Summer 2015 semester to allow for a more robust e-mail experience and additional Office 365 services. LSU students and LSU employees will all have LSUMail (@lsu.edu) accounts. Office 365 services will include Office for download, Web Apps, and One Drive for eligible users.

  • Please see E-mail: Transition to LSUMail for information.
  • All existing student mailboxes that have not already been transitioned will be switched to LSUMail accounts on November 2, 2015. Students will need to follow steps in this article to migrate their data.
  • All existing TigerMail users will retain access to their TigerMail accounts, even after switching to their LSUMail accounts, until February 1, 2016. They will no longer receive e-mails in their TigerMail accounts once they have switched. This is to allow for sufficient time for students to migrate their data.

Account Information

Your E-mail Address:    [PAWS ID]  @tigers.lsu.edu    OR    [PAWS ID]  @lsu.edu. 

E-mail Routing:    If an e-mail is sent to:    @tigers.lsu.edu  -- It will be delivered directly to the TigerMail Inbox. 

      If an e-mail is sent to:    @lsu.edu  -- It will be forwarded to the TigerMail Inbox.  

Known Issues:    You may experience issues when you try to send an e-mail to yourself.      (For Example:  FROM YOUR TigerMail Account ... TO YOUR TigerMail Account.)

To ensure that the message is delivered, the e-mail from your TigerMail account must be sent to your full TigerMail address, including the "@tigers" portion of the address (mtiger1@tigers.lsu.edu). Sending an e-mail from your TigerMail account to your TigerMail address in the <PAWSID>@lsu.edu format (mtiger1@lsu.edu) will not deliver a message to your TigerMail inbox. Messages sent in this manner will only appear in the Sent folder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the file attachment limits for TigerMail?

  • 25 MB. 

How do I access my TigerMail Account?

What is my TigerMail Login ID?

  • Your TigerMail login ID is the same as your PAWS ID.  (Example: mtiger1@tigers.lsu.edu)

How do I register a password for my TigerMail Account?

  • Log in to the myLSU Portal and click e-mail.   First time users: click Register a Password.  Type a secure password and click Submit.

I can't remember my TigerMail password, how do I reset it?

  • If you are trying to log in to your TigerMail Account and cannot remember your password, you can reset it through the myLSU Portal.  Log into the myLSU Portal, select Personal Preferences | Password Management. Select the TigerMail Account and click Change Password.  (View detailed instructions.)

What will happen to my TigerMail Account when I Graduate or leave LSU?

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