Lynda Campus: Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I log in to Lynda Campus?

If this is your First Visit:  Lynda Campus: Getting Started

If you are a Returning Visitor Login to Lynda Campus

2. What is my PAWS ID?

See myLSU: Login Trouble for more information on logging in.

3. Who has access to the Lynda Campus training resources?

ALL LSU Faculty, Staff & Students have access to the Lynda Campus course material. 

  • All you need to get started is an active PAWS ID, PAWS Password & a Connection to the Internet.

4. Can I access Lynda Campus from my home computer?

Yes.  (With an active PAWS ID and an Internet connection.)

5. Can I access Lynda Campus through a wireless network connection?

Yes.  (With an active PAWS ID and an Internet connection.)

6. Are Certificates of Completion available?

Yes. My Courses enables users to view the courses in their queue and obtain certificates of completion for courses taken.

7. Can I track my progress on Lynda Campus training courses?

Yes. My Courses allows users to view their current courses, their course history, and establish bookmarks.

8. How do I know which software titles are included in the Lynda Campus training video library?

You can search by subject, software, or author. 

9. What are the system requirements?

Lynda Campus: System Requirements

10. Which web browsers does Lynda Campus work with?

Internet Explorer,  Mozilla Firefox,  Apple Safari, & Google Chrome.  (64-bit Internet Explorer 7.0 is not supported.)

11. What is the bandwidth requirement for using Lynda Campus?

Most of the Lynda Campus videos will download best with a downstream bandwidth of at least 100Kbps or higher. Some of the larger videos such as our Creative Inspiration titles, we recommend a downstream bandwidth of at least 1,500Kbps or higher for smoothest playback.
Screen resolution 1024x768 is the minimum requirement. Please report any bandwidth or resolution problems to the ITS Help Desk.

12. Does the Lynda Campus program support an unlimited number of users?


13. How do I contact someone regarding error messages or problems with Lynda Campus?

Contact the ITS Help Desk:

12/23/2014 8:21:55 AM  

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