Avaya 2400: Label a Button

Video Tutorial 

How to Label a Button?

*Digital phones can be programmed with appearances of your own phone line, or of someone else’s if you need to be able to answer their calls and/or see if they are on the phone. They can also be programmed to include features such as ‘send all calls’ which sends your calls straight to voicemail with the touch of a button. This programming is done by an ITS Voice Analyst by submitting a request at: newservicerequest.lsu.edu and login with your MyLSU Account ID credentials.


1. Press any of the four (4) soft key buttons under the display of the phone.

2. Press the soft key called ‘label’, then press ‘edit’.

3. Select the button you wish to label.

4. On the ‘new label’ line, this is where you re-label the button.

5. When you’re done, press save, then press done.


Referenced from: Avaya.com

11/16/2022 11:00:44 AM