AVG 9.0 Free Edition: How to Reinstall, Uninstall or Repair Installation


Archived Historical Data: Not Actively Maintained.

Reinstall, Uninstall or Repair the Installation of AVG

To Uninstall AVG:

1. Log into Windows on the Administration account.

2. Select the Start Menu. In the search bar, type Control Panel.

Typing Control Panel in the search bar

3. In the Control Panel, under Programs select Unistall a Program.

Uninstall a Program under Programs in the Control Panel

4. In the Unistall or change a program, right click AVG and click Unistall.

Unistalling button on the AVG dropdown

5. After a short period of time, the program should unistall.


To Reinstall AVG:

1. Go to AVG.com

2. On the homepage, select the green button labled, "Free Download."

Free Download button on homepage

3. After clicking the Free Download button, a download button should appear in the bottom left corner of the browser. When it is done downloading, click the button.

AVG download button in the bottom left of the browser

4. The program will ask if its okay to make changes, Click Yes. The program should open up welcoming the user to AVG. Click Continue.

Welcome AVG page with the Continue button

5. After clicking continue, select the Basic Protection and click Install Now.

Basic Protection option for AVG

6. When the program is done downloading, the program will ask if you wish to download the AVG Web TuneUp. If you wish to do so, keep the box checked. If you do not wish to download it, uncheck the box. Click OK.

Web Tuneup for the web browser option

7. The program will ask if you wish to set up an account. If you do, type in your email and password, and click Create Account. If you do not want to set up an account, click Skip for Now.

Choosing to set up an account with AVG

8. The program should be set up.


Referenced from AVG.com

9/19/2016 3:01:28 PM