Microsoft Imagination Academy: Digital Literacy Program


General Information

Because LSU is a Microsoft Imagine Academy partner, the Microsoft Digital Literacy program is readily available to the campus. Those who wish to improve their basic computer concepts and skills so that they will be able to use computer technology in everyday life can take advantage of this curriculum. Whether entirely new to computing or you have some experience, this curriculum will help you develop a fundamental understanding of computers. From using the Internet to sending e-mail or creating a resume, the Digital Literacy Curriculum helps you develop the essential skills you need to begin computing with confidence.

The Curriculum Consists of Five Courses:

  1. Computer Basics
  2. The Internet & World Wide Web
  3. Productivity Programs
  4. Computer Security & Privacy
  5. Digital Lifestyles (this covers digital media)

A Digital Literacy Certificate Test is also available for those who want to demonstrate their mastery of all five courses.

Access the Digital Library Program

To access the Digital Literacy Program & Enroll:  

Microsoft Students to Business

Students enrolled in a Microsoft Imagine Academy can attain technology skills and Microsoft certification, which helps prepare them for the 21st century workplace and improves their employability.

Students Receive:

1. Instruction in the latest Microsoft Technologies.

2. Information about the latest Microsoft Programs for Students:

o Students to Business: Connects students to potential internships and jobs.
o Imagine Cup: Engages students globally through an innovative competition, and enables them to apply skills they have learned.
o DreamSpark: Enables students to access software outside their courses.
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