Internet Explorer 8: How to Turn On & Off AutoComplete


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Disabling or Enabling the AutoComplete or Inline AutoComplete Feature

Turn AutoComplete ON or OFF

1. Click Tools on the command bar.

This shows the tools option in the command bar at the top of the window.

2. Select Internet Options.

This shows the internet options option in the tools dropdown menu.

3. Select the Content tab from the top of the dialog box.

This shows the content tab in the internet options window.

4.  Click on Settings in the AutoComplete section of the window.

This shows the settings button in the content tab of the winternet options window.

5. In the AutoComplete Settings box, check the appropriate boxes that you would like Internet Explorer to AutoComplete.

This shows the check box options in the autocomplete settings window.

6. Click OK.

Additional Notes

  • When auto complete is turned ON, it will automatically start and begin to work. No auto complete icon will appear, following the directions from above will turn auto complete ON & OFF.
  • In order to have Yahoo! Mail addresses auto complete you must have the e-mail address saved in your address book.
  • For the Yahoo! toolbar to successfully auto-complete be sure it is the latest version.
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