iPad 2: Add and Delete Bookmarks in Safari

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Add Bookmark:

1. On the home screen tap Safari.

Screen shot of safari

2. Go to the page you want and press the Action button.

Screen shot of action button

3. Choose Add Bookmark.

Screen shot of add screen shot button

4. You can change the name of your Bookmark in this window.

5. When done, tap Save

Screen shot of naming bookmark

6. To view and use the bookmark you just created, tap the bookmark button next to the action button. Then tap the bookmark to bring up the page.

Screen shot of bookmark list

Delete Bookmark:

1. Open Safari.

2. Tap on the Bookmark Button to view all bookmarks.

Screen shot of bookmark list

3. Tap the Edit Button in the top right corner, then tap the minus sign by a bookmark to delete it.

4. Then tap Done.

Screen shot of deleting bookmarks

5. You can also delete a Bookmark by swiping your finger to the left across a bookmark. 

Screen shot of swipe directions

6. Then tap Delete.

screen shot of delete Button


Please Note:

If this does not work for you, try the  following steps:

1. Open the Browser.

2. Clear your browsing history.

3. Click OK on the bookmark icon.

4. Slide the bookmark which you want to delete.

5. The delete button will appear at the right-hand corner of your iPad.

6. Click the delete button.


Referenced from: ipadforums.net

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