Firefox: Embedding Windows Media Player into Firefox

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In most cases, the Windows Media Player plugin is included in Windows itself, however this is not always the case. If it is not included the embedded audio and/or video will be unable to play in Mozilla Firefox. To learn how to embed Windows Media Player into Mozilla Firefox, review the following:

1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to the following website: Firefox Add-ons: Common Plugins for Firefox.

2. Under the Windows Media Player section, click the link of the plug-in that represents the version of Windows Media Player running on the computer.

screenshot of the plug-in options.

3. Click the link marked Download Now  to download the plug-in. and follow the installation directions to properly install the plug-in.

4. Click the button marked Save File to save the file to the computer.

screenshot of the save file window.

5. Select Open in the Downloads box to continue.

screenshot of the downloads window.

6. The Open Executable File dialog box should appear. Click OK to open the file.

screenshot of the open executable file dialog box.

Installation Instructions:

NOTE: Installation of this plug-in may require administrative access to the computer. It is recommended that all other open browser windows are closed before continuing with this installation.

1. Click Next at the Setup Wizard box to start.

screenshot of the welcome setup window.

2. Check the box marked I accept the terms in the License Agreement and then click Next to continue.

screenshot of the license agreement window.

3. Click Install to install the plug-in.

screenshot of the install plug-in window.

4. Click Finish to complete the installation progress. Changes should take effect when Mozilla Firefox is restarted.

screenshot of setup complete window.

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