VirtualBox 4: The Virtual Media Manager

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The Virtual Media Manager is used to view and change the internal registry in VirtualBox. The registry contains all the images from floppy disks, the hard disk, and the CD/DVD-ROM drive.

To Access the Virtual Media Manager:

1. Select File | Virtual Media Manager located on the taskbar at the top of the screen.

screenshot of oracle VM VirtualBox Manager

The Virtual Media Manager contains a list of all of the registered VirtualBox images that are categorized into Hard Disk images (VDI or VMDK format), CD/DVD images(ISO format), or floppy images(RAW format). The Virtual Media Manager displays the path of the image and the VM that it is attached to.

screenshot of Virtual Media Manager

The Virtual Media Manager can help users in many ways:

  •   Remove an image from the internal registry
  •   Release an image (detaching an image from the VM)
  •   By clicking the New button, users can create new hard disk images
  •   By clicking the Add button, users can import any accessible VDI / VDMK files from the hard drive into VirtualBox.

Users are advised to place images into a folder for ISO files or a folder for hard disk images. The hard disk images can be imported into a VM and copied to another host system. Users should not make a copy of a virtual disk image, because VirtualBox will report an error.

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